Tesla hires key Volvo designer to style future EVs

Opener is the latest startup to reveal plans for a personal aircraft

McLaren’s expanded eSports program includes mobile racing games

2018 Bugatti Chiron Lego Technic kit is amazingly detailed

BMW M550i review: Equal parts luxury and power

California may soon allow passengers in driverless cars

Mercedes and Bosch will test self-driving taxis in a few months

Apple’s self-driving cars could use routes others have traveled

Elon Musk offers peek at traffic-dodging tunnel in Los Angeles

Volvo buys premium app-based valet service Luxe

Some early Chevy Bolts suffer from battery issues

VW’s electric microbus will become a reality in 2022

Tesla just delivered the first round of Model 3s

I took a ride in Tesla’s new Model 3

GM is renting cars to Uber drivers in Australia

Self-driving cars are safer when they talk to each other

Amazon star Richard Hammond involved in electric car crash

Elon Musk gives us a glimpse of Tesla’s electric semi truck

Apple, Tesla want changes to California’s self-driving car tests

Tesla revives automatic braking in response to lower review scores

White House hires Lyft manager for a key transportation role

Uber CEO linked to escort bar visit that resulted in an HR complaint




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