Spotify no longer streams music in Apple’s Safari web browser

SpaceX finishes testing Falcon Heavy’s first stage cores

What we’re watching: ‘Atypical,’ ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’

VW’s electric microbus will become a reality in 2022

Infiniti prototype melds a 1940s race car with EV power

Tesla fans reach a symbolic long-distance EV driving milestone

Acclaimed isometric stealth game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is now on consoles

Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’ showrunner Adi Shankar on nerddom and season two

‘Westworld’ season 2 trailer reveals a park gone horribly wrong

GM is renting cars to Uber drivers in Australia

You can study the business of esports at university now

Tesla makes its first Model 3 (update: pictures!)

Volvo’s self-driving cars are thrown off by kangaroos

Venmo reportedly made physical debit cards for a trial run

Take-Two shuts down GTA5 cheating tools, makes its creators donate proceeds to charity

Your Amazon login can sign you into HBO Now and Showtime apps

The Switch version of ‘FIFA 18’ doesn’t have a story mode

Hangouts calls on iPhones now appear as regular voice calls

The original ‘Crazy Taxi’ is free to play on your smartphone

Microsoft’s true holographic display fits in your glasses

Mastercard aims to speed up your chip-and-PIN payments

Google explains how it’s preventing future email phishing scams

Tesla revives automatic braking in response to lower review scores

Nier: Automata DLC adds Square Enix and Platinum Games presidents as bosses

Verizon’s Galaxy S8 won’t help you shop on Amazon

The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 4 is due next week




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