BioWare Mythic renames itself Mythic again

iPad mini review

Jordan Mechner’s Karateka remake is coming to XBLA this week

From Grand Theft Auto to a side-scrolling platformer: UK indie unveils Firefly: The Adventures of Switch

Karateka review

Brilliant role-player Bastion now available on iPhone

Nintendo launches Pokédex iOS, first paid-for App Store download

Sony launches web store for PSN content, only in Europe for now

Final Fantasy 4 comes to iOS in Japan Dec. 20, Android follows in spring

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition now on iPad

Kindle now at GameStop, purchase includes $25 Amazon card

Popcap seeks dev with Frostbite 2 experience for a AAA game

Xbox SmartGlass free app launches on iOS, Android

Molyneux appeals for donations as Curiosity server woes continue

22Cans reckons it has a solution to Curiosity server and coins woe

Jet Set Radio HD coming to Vita, iOS and Android this month

Motorola Razr I review

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City iOS and Android release date

Peter Molyneux launches Kickstarter for Project Godus, a “reinvention” of the god game genre

Angry Birds Star Wars HD: an intellectual analysis

Former Rare developer and designer of the Conker series Chris Seavor returns to games with Parashoot Stan

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition gameplay trailer shows off improved Infinity Engine

The Walking Dead review

The man who made Conker – Rare’s most adult game

Oliver twins announce Dizzy Returns Kickstarter two decades after the last original Dizzy game

Tiny Invaders dev Hogrocket closes down




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