The man who made Conker – Rare’s most adult game

Oliver twins announce Dizzy Returns Kickstarter two decades after the last original Dizzy game

Tiny Invaders dev Hogrocket closes down

Oliver twins defend Dizzy Returns £350k Kickstarter

Playcast aiming for Q1 2013 US launch of cloud-gaming service

Liveblogging the Spike VGA 2012 [Update: It’s over!]

Spike VGA 2012 winners: Walking Dead takes GOTY, Journey floats away with a few awards

The Drowning headed to iOS for free next year

You Don’t Know Jack coming to iOS and Android in the ‘very near future’

Saturday Soapbox: It just worked?

Google Nexus 4 review

Kickstarter RPG Shadowrun Returns delayed, needs more time to spend your money

Ouya dev consoles ship on 28th December to Kickstarter backers

Pier Solar HD confirmed for Wii U

Xbox co-creator reckons it’s harder for consoles to ignore the Apple experience

Riven iPad a couple of weeks from submission

Retrode 2 review

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition review

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition out now on iPad for £7

App of the Day: Neuroshima Hex

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition out today on PC but delayed on Android, Mac, iPad

App of the Day: Dream of Pixels

The Walking Dead: Assault is an isometric strategy game on iOS

App of the Day: King of Dragon Pass




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