Molyneux’s Curiosity app launches, £50,000 DLC not yet available

You, me and the cube

Molyneux battling Curiosity bugs, "overwhelmed" servers

BioWare Mythic renames itself Mythic again

iPad mini review

Jordan Mechner’s Karateka remake is coming to XBLA this week

From Grand Theft Auto to a side-scrolling platformer: UK indie unveils Firefly: The Adventures of Switch

Karateka review

Brilliant role-player Bastion now available on iPhone

Nintendo launches Pokédex iOS, first paid-for App Store download

Sony launches web store for PSN content, only in Europe for now

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition now on iPad

Final Fantasy 4 comes to iOS in Japan Dec. 20, Android follows in spring

Kindle now at GameStop, purchase includes $25 Amazon card

Popcap seeks dev with Frostbite 2 experience for a AAA game

Xbox SmartGlass free app launches on iOS, Android

Molyneux appeals for donations as Curiosity server woes continue

22Cans reckons it has a solution to Curiosity server and coins woe

Jet Set Radio HD coming to Vita, iOS and Android this month

Motorola Razr I review

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City iOS and Android release date

Peter Molyneux launches Kickstarter for Project Godus, a “reinvention” of the god game genre

Angry Birds Star Wars HD: an intellectual analysis

Former Rare developer and designer of the Conker series Chris Seavor returns to games with Parashoot Stan

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition gameplay trailer shows off improved Infinity Engine

The Walking Dead review




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