Amazon folds its little-known anime service into Prime Video

Blunders and blockbusters from the biggest names in tech

iPhone X owners can’t use Face ID to approve family purchases

Windows 10 included password manager with huge security hole

‘Jessica Jones’ season 2 reaches Netflix on March 8th

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp now has two in-game events running

Netflix doing a Choose Your Own Adventure TV show for adults

Pokémon Go Gen 3 artwork leaks on App Store, suggesting launch imminent

NASA wakes up Voyager’s slumbering thrusters 37 years later

Multiplayer brawler Gang Beasts gets PS4 release date

Hearthstone to get three more big expansions in 2018

Hearthstone’s Kobolds and Catacombs expansion launches next week

Samsung smart TVs gain Amazon Prime Music support

Nintendo apologises for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp server woes

Pokémon Go event to unlock Farfetch’d

Pokémon Go players catch 3bn creatures in six days to unlock Farfetch’d

One of Tesla’s first Semi truck buyers is a Canadian grocery chain

Kingdom: New Lands dev patches wonky Switch version, updates icon, makes trailer about new icon

Live-action Pokémon movie casts human star

Swipe-to-rule monarch sim Reigns is getting a sequel this December

The Pixel 2 XL has another screen issue: unresponsive edges

Now there’s a PES collectible card game

Pokémon Go maker Niantic working on Harry Potter game next

Jelly Deals roundup: Switch, Nioh, Xbox One X Scorpio Edition and more

Apple reminds iPhone X owners they’re using an OLED display

In Football Manager 2018, players can come out as gay




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